Meet the Becker Community Center FITNESS STAFF!

The Becker Community Center is a community in its own right. Here we showcase the diverse talents of several of our area’s best fitness instructors, each with their own unique approach to wellness!

Whether you would like to attend an invigorating cardio class, safely lift weights under expert instruction, or take a more relaxed approach to fitness with the aid of yoga or tai chi, your community center has just the resident expert to help you achieve your fitness goals.

While our staff comprises a wide range of experience, they do all share one thing in common: passion. Their love and enthusiasm for what they do shines brightly in every class we offer. If you’re only just beginning your path to wellness, we are certain you’ll find our passion inspiring as you keep moving forward.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our all-star team!

Meet Tracey

As a college athlete I started taking group fitness classes during my off season and fell in love with it. As a result, I started instructing the classes.  So, in other words, I have been leading classes for a long time. I am certified as both a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.  Class formats have changed over the years, but the energy, camaraderie, results and fun have not. What I enjoy most about leading classes and Personal Training is helping people achieve their goals and hopefully making their day a little brighter. 

Personal Interests: I live in St. Michael with my wonderful husband and teenage son.  I also have a married daughter now living in TX. I love most outdoor activities, spending time at the family cabin, reading, movies and just hanging out with family and friends.

Certifications: B.S. in Physical Education( UWRF), NETA certified as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Kettlebells, Pilates. Recently certified as a Nordic Walking community group walk instructor.

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Schomel has been a group fitness instructor since January of 2013, and a Personal Trainer since 2015. She fell in love with fitness after her 2nd baby was born by joining a local Bootcamp to get out of the house and get in shape in 2010. She found the support and camaraderie of working with others was so important in her own wellness journey.

Tiffany decided she want to give back to others in this role. Since starting this journey, she has discovered many passions including indoor cycling, CrossFit, long distance running, obstacle course racing, TRX, boxing, weightlifting, power lifting, and most recently the sport of Strongman in her quest to continue to challenge and push herself to try new things. She loves to support and challenge people in her classes and as a personal trainer to be the best they can be and break down the movements for any fitness level.

Meet Patti

My name is Patti and I am a wife and mother of two wonderful REFIT® kids. I love being able to not only teach my children the importance of exercise and healthy nutrition but sharing my passion with others that are wanting to experience this health journey as well and wanting to create their own story. I would love for you to come and join us at a REFIT® workout where you can experience acceptance, community and leave feeling inspired.  

Meet Mary

Hi my name is Mary (Mare) Simpler, you might have seen me participating in Group Fitness classes at the Becker Community Center but did you know that I am also certified in Group and Senior Fitness and was most recently trained as a Nordic Walking instructor. On occasion you might see me sub for some of my co-workers or also offering an interesting fitness program from time to time. I started at the Becker Community Center in 2019 but prior to this I worked in Health Promotions providing classes for adults suffering from Chronic Illness and Chronic Pain.

I am a Level one Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance program instructor as well as a Staying Active and Independent for Life or SAIL instructor. I am a Master level instructor for A Matter of Balance Program. This will be my 11 year in offering health promotion or group fitness programming to older adults.

You might ask at this age why am I doing this type of work? And a simple answer is functional fitness…my passion is providing a service in which older adults can maintain their quality life through fitness education. Not only am I an instructor, but I also believe in walking the talk. I continually work on my own health and well-being as a participant.

In my 11 years as an instructor and health educator, I have seen first-hand the progress in people wanting to improve their health. I am humbled with the big and small miracles I see and I am honored to be a part of the success of others. There is nothing more important to me then to see adults my age increase their flexibility, strength and balance.

As you decide to be part of the Becker Community Center; my hope is that you open yourself to the many things available here to maintain your health and well-being. I work with some of the most passionate fitness instructors in the business…and the one thing we all want for you is to maintain your health and well-being for the long haul…So I hope to see you around and blessings to you!

Meet Hannah

You will often find me around the BCC chasing my grandma, Kid Zone participants, or Personal Training clients. Otherwise, I am at City Park teaching Yoga.

My background is in Physical Education and Health. Therefore, my purpose is to educate patrons in how to move their bodies in a safe, effective, fun way to create lifelong habits they enjoy. I am ACE Group Fitness Certified and continue education through graduate studies of exercise science and coaching.

Meet Renee

My name is Renee and I live in Becker.  I started working as a group fitness instructor back before I had a family.  Since 2023 I have renewed my passion for fitness education by becoming a fitness team member at the Becker Community Center.  I have a background and experience in education and nursing which aligns well with my fitness instructor approach.  I also enjoy hiking and exploring nature.  My classes include a variety of fitness equipment with focus on cardio, core and strength moves.  I also enjoy teaching boxing classes.  My goal is for everyone to have a great workout including modifications as needed.

Meet Dhani

I have been teaching group fitness since 2013. I started with Zumba and then eventually evolved into other areas of fitness. I started attending NETA trainings and began to explore all the continuing education that was available to me. My workout passion is kickboxing. My friend, Hallie, (Spicy Boxing® creator) approached me in 2017 to help her with a new boxing workout that had never been done before. Spicy Boxing® was born! From there, we, along with another friend, created Liberated® and Titanium Boxing®. We’ve been featured on Kare11, WJON, St. Cloud times, Monticello Times and the Star Tribune.

I am currently the Fitness, Programs and Special Events coordinator at the Becker Community Center. When I am not working, I enjoy playing Pokémon Go. Football season is our favorite time of the year!

Meet Becky

Becky Andres has been a group fitness instructor since February of 2014 and a Personal Trainer since April of 2015. Becky, husband David and their 4 children moved to Becker in 2001 and when her youngest son was 2 (2002) her husband encouraged her to start going to the Community Center and she has been hooked ever since. “Weightlifting is my passion (cardio…not so much! LOL) I’ve met so many people and made new friends. It was a great way for me to socialize since I was a stay-at-home Mom.” Years later she was asked if she would be interested in teaching fitness classes which she never imagined she would love so much and then went on to be a certified Personal Trainer from there. “I love to help people with fitness and hope they will enjoy it as much as I do! I’m not a pushy fitness instructor because my thought is that if you at least come to class, that’s half the battle. Plus, we all have off days, so I’m not going to judge. It’s their workout…not mine. I’m just happy to see them!”

Meet Amanda

Hello, my name is Amanda. I am a dedicated healthcare professional with over a decade of experience as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist working on an endovascular and interventional neurology surgery team. My commitment to health has recently expanded as I started my new role as an indoor cycling instructor this fall. I am passionate about music and try to help energize the day and my indoor cycling classes with an awesome playlist to get you moving. I am also certified in a new Cycle and Renew program that focuses on endurance and mobility.

My life is blended with family, fitness, and fun as I love to spend time with my husband and 3 daughters. We enjoy spending days in the sun at the lake paddle boarding and fishing, working in our garden at home, or on a hiking adventure. I have a mild obsession with Disney and escape to Disneyland and Disney World any chance I get! I love animals and have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and chickens and hope to acquire more!! 

Meet Our Youth Fitness Mentors

Always have a workout buddy!

Join our Youth Fitness Mentors to help keep you motivated, help keep you accountable, and to help you feel comfortable in the Fitness area.  This program is for youth ages 12-15.

For available times, please call (763) 200-4271.

Please contact the Becker Community Center today to learn more about any of our instructors’ unique fitness classes and schedule your visit!







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